Anyone can organize a one-time client event or workshop. But it’s entirely different to build a full-blown marketing and prospecting system that creates a steady stream of incoming prospects motivated to work with you for years to come.  We teach you to cultivate relationships with small to large business owners, organizations and civic groups to educate their employees / members about financial topics.  Retirement Planning, Debt Elimination, Budgeting, Investing Mistakes, First-Time Home Buying, etc.  Management endorses you as a financial educator to their employees and staff!  And they agree to a series of Financial Wellness Workshops taught by you AT THEIR LOCATION!  No more mailing costs, RSVP no-shows, expensive hotel rooms, or food costs!

That’s the importance of being a Regional Speaker and a member of the Financial Educators of America!

Examine all aspects of building your business and reputation as a financial educator: Picking your topics, developing your strategy, choosing the right venue, organizing a compelling and effective “classroom” for your attendees, delivering a compelling introduction, engaging your audience to create personal connections,  priming your attendees to view you as a credible expert, closing your workshop in ways that fill your appointment book, following up systematically so you and your team can effectively on-board new clients, and then repeating the entire process.

We provide a method based on the “Never Cold Call Again” philosophy developed by Frank J. Rumbauskas, were Financial Adviser’s market themselves as “expert educators” in their local markets.  We give you scripts, flyer templates, logos for social media that make you stand out from the competition.  Our PowerPoint presentations guide your prospects through financial techniques; building your credibility and likeability.  Most attendees have additional questions at the end of the financial wellness workshop, so you book individual appointments to solve their needs away from the workshop.  Resulting in more sales!

Think about it, you present to a group of adults at a workshop you setup at your local library.  20 people attend on a Thursday evening, and you bore the crap out of 19 (I know,that would never happen), but 1 has $300k to put into an annuity or investment.  And they like you!  I don't know what you make off of a annuity sale but I thing it's more than your yearly membership...

Done correctly, your prospects view you as a helper, educator, teacher; instead of a salesperson.  Think about this, by the time you're 18 on average you've heard the word "no" 200,000 times.  How many times have you been told, "don't talk to stranger?"  The first thing we have to do as financial professionals is overcome the skepticism, the wariness, the uncertainty, doubt, & mistrust of our industry.  Having the "Financial Educators Association of American" stamp of approval as a local expert speaker is paramount for your success.

Access to our entire system for an individual membership is $199 per year.  We limit the amount of FEA Regional Speakers to one (1) per 500,000 county population.

If you want access for your entire office, the membership price is $499 per year.  Please review and sign your association by-laws included in the email that brought you to this page and return via email, then follow the link below to pay for your membership.  All memberships are annual (12 Month) recurring unless cancelled before 30 days of renewal.

If you take advantage of the "Office" membership, everyone (before using the FEA materials) needs to read, sign/initial and return a copy of the By-Laws.

You will receive your "PRO Login" credentials within 24 hours of FEA receiving signed By-Laws and payment.  Glad to have you on board...

Annual Recurring Membership Options

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